Casella's Refinishing offers a complete line of Metal Surface Restoration throughout Florida. Surfaces include brass, bronze, stainless steel and more.

Brass and Bronze Restoration in Florida

Casella's Refinishing is committed to restoring all of your brass and bronze surfaces to original factory condition through our proven methods and techniques. Our services include removing existing finishes and damage, restoring base metal to original luster, brass polishing, and applying finishes to seal and protect your surfaces.

Stainless Steel Restoration in Florida

As stainless steel polishing and restoration experts, our highly trained metal craftsmen will refinish, refurbish and restore your stainless steel surfaces to factory condition.

You can change the whole look of your interior or exterior stainless steel by restoring the metal finish, all for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We remove scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains, corrosion, rust, vandalism and graffiti from all stainless steel finishes. We are able to restore both brushed and mirror stainless finishes to their original condition.

Importance of Resurfacing Metal Surfaces

As many facility managers of hotels, high-rise buildings, restaurants, airports and hospitals have realized, surface restoration is not just limited to elevators. We can also restore various facility fixtures such as fountains, ice machines, luggage carts, fire extinguisher boxes and bathroom fixtures, just to name a few. First impressions are very important to businesses. By resurfacing your metal surfaces, you can bring an old outdated building to looking like it is brand new!

Casellas Refinishing - Elevator Refinishing in Florida

Casella's Refinishing specialize in the restoration of brass, bronze, stainless, steel, copper and aluminum. We handle a variety of metal finishes from satin, mirror, antique to custom burnished patterns including the application of clear protective coatings.

We restore and resurface items including:

  • Elevator Interiors
  • Elevator Exteriors
  • Signage, Lettering, Plaques
  • Architectural Features
  • Sculptures & Fountains
  • Framed Doors & Handles
  • Push & Kick Plates
  • Window & Door Trim
  • Hand Railings
  • Fire Hose Connections
  • Flag & Banner Poles
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Display Stands
  • Waste Baskets
  • Buffet Areas
  • And much more!

Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe cleaning materials clean and restore aged, damaged and faded surfaces throughout Florida.

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Refinishing, Restoration & Maintenance

Casella's Refinishing is the top choice for metal refinishing in all of Florida. Our team will meet with you and create a restoration and maintenance plan that is custom built to your needs. We will get your stainless steel looking brand new again- while at a price that works for your business. No matter where you are in Florida, Casella's Refinishing will exceed your expectations.

Increase productivity and business by refinishing the stainless steel in your building. Even if your budget is tight, metal refinishing will help your business look better than ever. Let us create a monthly maintenance plan for your high-traffic areas for you to get the most bang for your buck. Restoration and maintenance will put more value back into your building!

Casellas Refinishing - Elevator Refinishing in Florida

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One of the nicest gentleman I’ve ever met. Great work and professional as can be! Definitely recommend!

-Shawn K

This company is awesome with all metal refinishing projects. Very prompt, courteous, meticulous and professional. Highly recommend.

-Kathie M

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