At Casella's Refinishing we have commercial and industrial monthly, quarterly and semi-annual maintenance programs designed to keep your metal surfaces looking like new. We use clear protective coatings that clean, restore and protect stainless steel and other metal finishes.

We are often asked by facility managers if professional monthly surface maintenance is really needed. The answer is yes. If you want to keep the amount of required future surface restoration to a minimum, we suggest monthly maintenance.

Surfaces we provide maintenance programs for in Florida:

  • ground floor storefront window frames
  • revolving doors
  • entrance doors
  • sliding doors
  • balcony railings
  • roofing panels
  • stainless steel corrugated cladding
  • siding
  • curtain wall window mullions
  • stainless steel spandrel panels.
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All types of architectural surfaces such as brass, bronze and stainless steel require some sort of regular deep cleaning and maintenance during the year to prevent issues such as oxidation, tarnishing, patination, rust and pitting on the surfaces. There are a number of reasons this should be done by qualified restoration technicians.

One of the top reasons is that trained and insured restoration technicians know which materials or products never to use on surfaces and in turn prevent damage requiring costly future surface restoration. There are many acids and abrasives on the market that seem like quick fixes but often lead to very undesirable results.

Another reason for using only qualified restoration technicians is even when correct cleaning products are used; damage can still be caused by applying the products incorrectly.

Examples of this are going against the surface grain, using the cleaning material incorrectly and using incorrect application methods. Correct maintenance can prolong the life of your finish and save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by insuring the surface maintenance is done correctly the first and every time.

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Casella's Refinishing is the top choice for metal refinishing in all of Florida. Our team will meet with you and create a restoration and maintenance plan that is custom built to your needs. We will get your stainless steel looking brand new again- while at a price that works for your business. No matter where you are in Florida, Casella's Refinishing will exceed your expectations.

Increase productivity and business by refinishing the stainless steel in your building. Even if your budget is tight, metal refinishing will help your business look better than ever. Let us create a monthly maintenance plan for your high-traffic areas for you to get the most bang for your buck. Restoration and maintenance will put more value back into your building!

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